Advent Candle Sets

5 Products

Illuminate your Christmas with our Handcrafted Advent Candles Your search for the perfect advent...

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Christian Gifts

27 Products

A range of icons and religious gifts, including Holy Socks and the ever popular...

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Church Accessories

16 Products

Our range of consumables, including Altar breads, Altar wines, Incense and Charcoal

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Church Candles

83 Products

For all your church candles needs. Altar candles, Sanctuary candles, Paschal candles, Baptism candles,...

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Church Furnishings

257 Products

View our comprehensive range of Church furnishings including brassware, silverware, candlesticks, communion sets, crucifixes,...

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Church Furniture

68 Products

View our range of Church furniture and woodwork items including lecterns,, altars, baptismal fonts,...

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Clearance Lines

37 Products

Exclusive offers featuring a selection of end-of-line and clearance items from across our range,...

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Incense Pins

2 Products

At Vanpoulles, we make your Easter celebrations better with quality materials. Crafted with precision,...

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6 Products

Vanpoulles imports the finest quality dried palm ash, palm crosses, and branches for Easter services. Our branches...

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Paschal Candles

6 Products

Celebrate the sacred significance of Easter with Vanpoulles' beautifully crafted beeswax Paschal candles. Each...

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Paschal Candles Wax Reliefs

17 Products

At Vanpoulles, we offer the best Paschal candle wax reliefs for churches of all...

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Religious Statues

35 Products

Statuary in both glassfibre and carved wood, Stations of the Cross and our range...

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Secondhand Items

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We frequently purchase good quality secondhand Church items, from silver and brass to items...

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431 Products

As the sole UK supplier for Slabbinck we can exclusively offer the highest quality...

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Vestments & Textile Products

324 Products

View our extensive range of chasubles, copes and other textile products, including clergy shirts,...

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