Fuel Disk for Easter Vigil Fire - Vanpoulles
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Fuel Disk for Easter Vigil Fire

Vendor: Slabbinck
SKU: VP-9180

Metal disk container with an easy-to-light mixture of wood and fuel. It produces a colourful flame, without smoke, covering the whole area of the disk. Burns for approximately 20 minutes.
Diameter of Container 11.4/5" (30cm)
Depth of Container 1.1/5" (3cm)

Place on a flat, heat resistant surface. Remove packaging and cover. Light at the edge.

Do not use on a carpet
Always place on a flat surface
The flame is not visible immediately, but slowly takes hold of the whole surface
Do not leave burning unguarded
Do not extinguish before complete combustion (20 min.)

Made to order. Delivery approximately 4-5 weeks. Non-returnable.

Safety Information