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Fitan Bar System

Vendor: Vanpoulles

'Fitan Bar' System
A simple and practical method of hanging frontals. The 'Fitan' system consists of a lightweight metal bar (A) which is permanently attached to the front edge of the altar table, flush with the top, by means of screws (only 3 or 4 are required, depending upon altar length). At each fixing point the spacer pieces (B) hold the bar slightly away from the altar allowing the brass 'fitan' clips (C), which are sewn onto the reverse of the frontal itself about every 8", to clip over the bar. Changing frontals is extremely easy and can be done by one person without disturbing the altar furnishings. The bar is not unsightly and if no frontal is in use, can be covered by the overhang of the altar cloth.

Clip is priced each.

Bar is priced per metre and is unavailable online, please contact us to order.