'Christmas' Superfrontal - Vanpoulles
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'Christmas' Superfrontal

Vendor: Slabbinck
SKU: VP-3798_S/F

Interchangeable Superfrontal in all seasons Regina Tapestry.
Lined and interlined and with velcro attached.

Elegant interchangeable superfrontal in Omega fabric. Easy to attach with velcro ('positive' velcro attached to an altarcloth and 'negative' section attached to superfrontal). For suitable altarcloth see 63-51 (extra). Made by Slabbinck.

Standard size: 71" long x 10" deep (same price up to 12")
or custom made.

Made to order. Delivery approximately 4-5 weeks. Non-returnable.

Quotations available on request
Please contact our Sales Department to place your order