Ladies Cassock Alb in Terlenka (Style 11) - Slabbinck - Vanpoulles
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Ladies Cassock Alb in Terlenka (Style 11)

Vendor: Slabbinck
SKU: VP-3445_ALB_L6

Tags: Albs, Ladies,

Double breasted coat style alb with button fastening on each shoulder and elegant front and back pleats. In washable white Terlenka fabric decorated with embroidered crosses. Made by Slabbinck.

Available in the following sizes
L6 (51" length/31"-34" Bust)
L8 (52" length/31"-34" Bust)
L10 (53" length/34"-37" Bust)
L11 (53" length/37"-41" Bust)
L12 (54" length/34"-37" Bust)
L13 (54" length/37"-41" Bust)
L14 (55" length/37"-41" Bust)
L15 (57" length/41"-45" Bust)
L16 (59" length/45"-49" Bust)

Made to order. Delivery approximately 4-5 weeks. Non-returnable.