Fluted Lenten Candles (12" x 1") - Vanpoulles
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Fluted Lenten Candles (12" x 1")

Vendor: Vanpoulles
SKU: VP-C2401


These beautiful coloured Lent candles are a perfect way to celebrate the 40 days of Lent!

These six different colours will help you focus on your spiritual journey while burning physically. The fluted design of these Lenten candles allows them to fit into holders with sizes ranging from 3/4" up 1".

Priced per set. Buy your Lenten candles today!

What do the lent candles represent?

First 3 Sundays of Lent
Purple Lent Candles represent Solitude, Fasting and Temptation.

Fourth Sunday of Lent
A pink Lenten candle is used to represent Laetare (Mothering Sunday)

Fifth Sunday of Lent
A purple Lent candle represents Redemption

Sixth Sunday of Lent
A red Lenten candle represents Passover (Palm Sunday)