Nylon Oil Candles
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Nylon Oil Candles (50mm Diameter)

SKU: VP-C0018_50_X_09
£93.00 £46.50

Nylon oil candle with 50mm (2") diameter.

Available in the following lengths:

9" (228mm)
12" (305mm)
15" (381mm)
18" (457mm)
24" (610mm)
30" (762mm)
36" (915mm)

Priced each.



Vanpoulles oil candles offer a simple and economic alternative to the traditional wax candle and are especially useful where draughts are a problem and for use as an acolytes candle. Oil is poured directly into the integral oil reservoir in the top of each nylon candle, so no additional interior oil cartridge is required.

They are low maintenance, there is no dripping wax and yet the symbolism of the flame is maintained. Used in conjunction with Vanpoulles Candle Oil, these candles burn virtually smoke and odour free and the fibre wicks supplied with each should never need replacing. All nylon oil candles are made to order.

Candles can be adapted to fit your exisiting candle sockets if necessary (see 'Shouldering' item for details).