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20 Aug , 2022

Advent is the season of preparation and expectation before Christmas. During this time, we light candles on an advent wreath to symbolise the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. We also set up a crèche or nativity scene (a model of the manger where Jesus was born) in our homes and churches in order to remember that Jesus came as God's only Son so that we could live forever with him in heaven.


The dates of Advent are the four Sundays before Christmas


advent candle


Advent is the season of waiting before Christmas, which begins this year on 27th November 2022. The dates of Advent are the four Sundays before Christmas (or 'Advent Sundays').

The word “Advent” comes from Latin and means "coming." It’s a time for Christians to look forward to Jesus' arrival.

During Advent, you can expect to hear songs about hope and peace; attend services where people light candles; and read scripture stories about the coming of Jesus Christ into our world


Advent is a season full of meaning and traditions

Advent is a season full of meaning and traditions.

The liturgical colours for this season are purple and white. Purple symbolises penitence while white represents hope (or faith). In certain churches this colour scheme also reflects how Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes after he was born according to Matthew 2:11-12; Luke 2:12-14; John 19:38-39)

Although some churches may use gold instead of purple because gold represents royal majesty whereas purple represents royalty, but, with more sombre undertones than gold does. White is also a frequently used advent candle colour because it symbolises purity. The use of purple and white for Advent may have been influenced by the color scheme used for Lent, which is also purple and white.

Advent is a time for prayer and reflection. It's also a time when we fast or abstain from certain foods as an expression of penitence and self-denial so that people may have more sympathy for those who are suffering in poverty or sickness. Advent is also a great opportunity to help others through charitable works which include giving money, food, clothing, toys etc., volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, donating blood and raising money for charities.


We light candles on an advent wreath to symbolise the coming of Jesus Christ into the world


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  • Advent candles are lit to symbolise the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. They represent the light of Christ and commemorate his birth, which happened during the winter season.
  • There are four weeks leading up to Christmas, each marked by a different colour candle: purple candle (first Sunday of advent), purple (second Sunday), pink (third Sunday), and white, red or gold (fourth Sunday).
  • These wreaths are usually made from metal, wrought iron or brass . Brass being the most expensive.
  • Advent wreaths are also known as Advent calendars, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


During the season of Advent, we prepare our hearts and homes for the celebration of Jesus' birth on Christmas.

Advent is a season of preparation, when we prepare our hearts and homes for the celebration of Jesus' birth on Christmas. During this time we also reflect on what it means to celebrate the birth of Christ.

You can use beautiful advent candles as part of your Advent observance. They're easy to find in stores, and they're relatively inexpensive too!


The advent candle wreath and candles

advent candle wreath


The advent wreath is made up of a circle representing everlasting life with four or five candles lit and represent the four weeks of advent. The wreath stands on either a table or if metal, you can buy a metal stand to hold the wreath securely.

The red candle in the center represents Christ and his birth, while the other candles represent each week until Christmas Eve. The white candle on the right side represents hope, while the purple candle on the left side symbolises faith and love.


What is the correct order of advent candles

Advent candles are a traditional symbol of the coming of Jesus Christ. They're used during Advent as part of a wreath, and they can be lit in sequence as you prepare for Christmas.

The purple first candle represents hope;

The second, peace; purple

Third is a pink candle - stands for joy because its colour symbolises rejoicing!

White fourth candle is Christ (or "the Light");

Each candle is lit on a different day, with the first two typically being lit before December 14th (the official start of Advent) and representing hope and peace. The third candle stands for joy; it's pink And finally, the white fifth candle signifies Christ, who is "the Light."

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Advent Candle Conclusion

Now that you know all about Advent and what it means, we hope that you will consider this beautiful tradition in your own church!

What can we say? Advent candles have been a staple at Christmastime for centuries. They now hold the same role as they did in the past. Different brands and styles are on the market, but candles are still a popular way to count down the days to Christmas.

We don't anticipate them being replaced by anything but themselves: more modern versions that feature technological advancements such as timers, remote controls, and dozens of new colour options. Regardless of how it's displayed, however, burning an advent candle is a simple step that anyone can take to get into the holiday spirit!

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