Lent candles - How to use them during the season of Lent

09 Mar , 2022

This is a time for spiritual reflection and self-denial, when we take an opportunity to examine our lives. The Lenten Season traditionally starts around January and finishes during “Holy Week” which marks the end of this 40 day trial period. You can chart your progress or lack thereof by how closely attached you feel spiritually before ending on Palm Sunday morning, or Easter Sunday, which is known as the one Holy Day that signifies new life in Christ Jesus!

Lent is a time of reflection and sacrifice. It's a time for Christians give up something they enjoy as a way to commemorate Jesus’ 40 days in the desert, preparing for his ministry. Many things can be given up, such as desserts, social media use or watching television.

In this blog we talk about lent and help you decide what to give up and discuss Lent candles and how to use them during the season of Lent. We will help you in your six weeks run up to Easter.

How to observe lent

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Give up something you like. This can be a great way to focus on your Lenten journey.

What if you're not sure what to give up?

  • Chocolate or sweet treats
  • Cutting our TV and learning a new skill
  • Swearing, we may curse at times, use lent to reduce that habit, and think before you swear.
  • Eating meat or anything you have been thinking about giving up for sometime and not yet achieved the goal.
  • Donate the money you would have spent on the thing you gave up. This is a great way to make your sacrifice go a little further!
  • Help someone in need. This is one of the best ways to spend your Lenten journey! There are many ways to help others, from volunteering your time to donating money or goods.
  • Make a Lenten promise. This is a great way to focus your Lenten journey on a specific goal. Promise yourself that you'll do something, like pray every day or read the Bible every week
  • Write down your thoughts and feelings about lent. This can be a great way to reflect on your journey as the season goes on.

    What are you struggling with?

    What are you finding easy?

    What are your goals for the rest of Lent?

Different ways to use lent candles during the season of Lent

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Use lent candles as a way to pray. This can be especially helpful if you're struggling to come up with ways to pray. Light a lent candle and say a prayer for yourself, for someone you know, or for the world.

Lenten candles are a great way to symbolise your journey. If you're giving up something you like, light the candle each time you give it up. This can help remind you of your commitment and why you're making it.

Lighting your church candle is a great way to meditate. Similar to using lent candles to pray, this can be helpful if you find it difficult to focus on your prayers. Sit quietly near the candle and let the light guide your thoughts

Light a vigil candle. A vigil candle is lit in memory of someone or something. It can also be lit as a sign of hope. Use lent candles to remember Jesus' sacrifice during lent and his victory over death at Easter.

Use candles of lent to decorate your home. This can be a great way to show your Lenten journey to friends and family. Hang them in a window, put them on a mantel, or use them as a centrepiece for your dinner table.

Whatever way you choose to use lent candles, they can be a great way to focus your Lenten journey and deepen your connection to Jesus.

Why churches should have lent candles on their altar

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The Lent candle has been used for centuries to commemorate the season of Lent. It is a time of reflection and sacrifice, and lent candles can play an important role in a church's altar. Here are three reasons why churches should have lent candles on their altar during this time of year:

1) Help create a solemn atmosphere in the church.

2) Provide a focus for prayer and contemplation.

3) Remind us of the importance of the season of Lent.

4) Lent candles can be a visual reminder of the Paschal candle.

How lent candles can be used in personal prayer

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Lent candles can also be used in personal prayer. Here are four ways lent candles can be used in prayer

1) A focal point for meditation

2) To symbolise the light of Christ

3) Remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ

4) Use lent candles to pray for others

The symbolism of lent candles

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The meaning of lent candles is rich and varied. Here are five ways lent candles can symbolise different aspects of Christianity

1) Lent candles represent the light of Christ

2) Lent candles represent the paschal candle

3) Lent candles represent the fire of Pentecost

4) Lent candles represent the pillar of fire that led the Israelites out of Egypt

5) Lent candles represent the flame of love that burns in a Christian's heart

Many people are looking for different ways to celebrate lent, and it is easy to forget that churches also play a role in the celebration. It's important to remember that lent candles can be used as a way of prayer, symbolising Jesus' sacrifice during lent or remembering his victory over death at Easter.

Churches should consider using lent candles on their altar during this time of year, because they focus on prayer and contemplation, remind us of the importance of lent, and help create a solemn atmosphere in our church buildings by creating an environment where we reflect upon what has been given up.

The symbolism behind these lit vigil lights also goes much deeper than giving up something you enjoy-they represent light from Christ himself or other symbolic meanings like fire from Pentecost.

Where to buy your lent candles from?

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