7 Resources That'll Make You Better With Your Church Vestments

28 Oct , 2021

There is no denying that one of the most important staples in a church wardrobe are it’s vestments. Vestments is a generic term for clothes worn by the clergy. Below, we will provide a complete guide on this, answering all the questions you may have about these garment. We hope you find it helpful. But first, let’s start with 7 resources to consider when searching for the best vestments:

What are vestments?

A vestment is a chasuble or another type of robe worn by choristers or clergy during services. This item of clothing is worn at a special ceremony by a clergy member. For instance, priests wear vestments while in church. However, while out in the community, they would wear standard clothing.

Deacons, bishops, and priests of the Roman Catholic church, as well as some Lutheran, Anglican, and Protestant clergy, wear a stole, or other ecclesiastical vestment. 

What is the difference between a vestment and a chasuble?

A chasuble is the outermost liturgical vestment that clergy wear when celebrating mass or Eucharist. A vestment is a gown or robe worn as an indication of office. 

Different types of vestments and other elements of religious garments

There are many clothing pieces in the church, and we hope this helps you understand them:

An alb

alb liverpool

An alb is a white vestment, which reaches the feet. It is worn by servers and clergy in some Christian churches. 

What is the priest collar called?

A priest collar is known as a clerical collar. This is worn by priests all over the globe. It is a stiff, narrow, and upright white collar, which fastens at the back. 

Clerical vestments list

The current conventional clergy apparel worn includes:

Bishop's vestments list

The current conventional bishop apparel worn includes:

  • Zucchetto
  • Crosier
  • Pontifical dalmatic 
  • Chasuble
  • Ecclesiastical ring
  • Pectoral cross
  • Mitre 

Cassocks and surplices

A cassock is a garment worn by certain members of church choirs, Christain clergy, and others that play a role in a church. It is a full-length garment. A surplice, on the other hand, is a white, loose linen vestment, which can vary from calf-length to half-length, which is worn over the cassock. Choristers and clergy at the Christian Church where this.

Where to buy a cassock?

vestment - cassock

You can easily purchase a cassock online from one of the church vendors. There are many companies to choose from, so spend time searching for one that ticks all the boxes and has an excellent reputation. You can read reviews that have been left by others for assistance.

What is the symbolism of the colours of robes worn by priests?

Different robe colours have different meanings, and it is important to be aware of this so that your priests wear appropriate garments. The Use of liturgical colours are, gold and white for Easter and Christmas. Violet and purple are used during Lent and Advent, and along with black and white, these colours may also be used at Funeral Masses.

What do the different colours of clergy shirts mean?

Just like there are different colour robes for different situations, there are also different colours of clerical shirts. In general, white is used for funerals, weddings, baptisms, and secular holidays. Purple is used for repentance services. Red is also used to commemorate a martyred saint, as well as for the installations and ordinations of pastors.

What colour vestments do priests wear on Good Friday?

On Good Friday, you can expect priests to wear red. This colour is also worn on Palm Sunday. The reason for this is that it is a symbol of the fire of the Holy Spirit, as well as the suffering of the Lord and the apostles. 

What colour vestments do priests wear for a funeral?

For funerals, there can be a difference in the colours worn. Many priests will wear violet because it is symbolic of mourning and penance. A funeral is a time when we pray and do penance for the departed soul, and so many priests consider the appropriate by colour, often violet.  

However, you may have noticed some priests wearing white and others wearing black vestments for funerals. White can sometimes be worn because it is connected to Jesus’ victory at Easter, whereby he overcame death and opened the gates of heavenly glory. There are then some priests who will wear black vestments because they reflect the sadness of death. 

How much do vestments cost?

Vestments can differ considerably in price considerably, so it depends on the supplier you select. Prices often range from around £100 to £200, but some churches will pay more than this. 

It all depends on the material used, the intricacy of the design, and the company you purchase from. It makes sense to do a little research online and read reviews from other church members who have purchased vestments before.

Can I get my church vestments repaired?

vestment repair

Our church vestment repair services will help you restore your old pieces. We'll mend any tears or holes so that they look like new again. If you want to repair your church garments, contact our church supplies team here.They will be able to help you get them repaired quickly without damaging the original material. 

Where to buy vestments

Just like cassocks, you can buy vestments online. Vanpoulles is one of the best church clothing places to buy vestments from. They have an impressive reputation and are known for their high levels of quality and excellence with customer service. You will be looked after for your entire journey with us.

Final words on buying vestments

So there you have it: everything you need to know about buying vestments and textile products, and the different resources you can use online to help with this. We hope you have found this information valuable when looking for the best vestments for your church. The only thing to do now is start shopping for the vestments you need for your religious institution. 

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